These are a few of the locations I’ve done photo shoots with models and plan to shoot in again. Of course, I also hire models for local photography shoots, in my Charleston South Carolina photography studio.

The Bahamas

When modeling in the Bahamas, you will be on an out island. These are smaller islands and far from the cruise ships and night life you may normally associate with the Bahamas. This allows us to concentrate on making art. To model in the Bahamas you will need to have a passport and complete multiple shoots in the US.

New York City

I often travel to New York City for art photography shoots to hire models in Manhattan and Brooklyn. I can both hire NYC models as well as travel with a model. I have rented studios, but I prefer to find interesting locations like rooftops, lofts, or warehouses.

Travel Landscape

I have traveled with paid models for photo shoots and will continue to do so in the future. To participate in travel shoots, you need to have completed several studio shoots with me. We have journeyed in search of beautiful canyons, fields of flowers, sand dunes, and waterfalls. Locations have included Asheville North Carolina, Atlanta, South Carolina, White Sands New Mexico, Natural Bridges Utah, Pink Coral Sands Utah.

Rocky Mountains

I’ve done several photoshoots in the mountains near Denver Colorado as well as Colorado Springs. I’ve worked with models from Denver and Boulder. We’ve done photo shoots near Red Rocks, Garden of the Gods, and other scenic locations.

L.A. Modeling

I have photographed models on Malibu beach, in orange groves, and swimming in an Oceanside swimming pool.


I’ve hired models for beach photo shoots in Charleston, Miami, the Bahamas, and Los Angeles.

South Carolina Modeling Shoot Locations

I have hired models for photo shoots in various South Carolina locations. The models and I have done nude photography shoots at abandoned bridges, warehouses, old buildings, and remote sections of beachfront.

Charleston Photography Studio

My home studio is in the West Ashley area of Charleston. Many of my art photographs started with a shoot in this studio. If you are in Charleston and are new to modeling, your first one or two shoots, you will be in the comfort of the studio. Here are some images of the Charleston photography studio.

Ready Room

My “green room” is orange! This is a place where you can get ready and take breaks during the shoot. It’s acceptable to take up to 30 minutes to get ready after arriving. On occasion, I use a makeup artist. There is a lighted makeup mirror and a few essentials if you forget something. There is a mini-fridge with water and other drinks. There is a coffee maker.