How Tall Does a Model Need to Be?

How Tall Does a Model Need to Be?

The height requirement for a model depends on a number of things. There is no absolute answer. The women who have modeled for me have ranged from 5’3″ to 6’0″. The majority are between 5’5″ and 5’9″. There are all sorts of camera tricks that I use to make models look taller, but in general a taller model is better.

  • This is not runway modeling, so the height requirement is less strict.
  • Your proportion of height to weight is more important than your height. For example, if you are a size 0, it’s okay if you are a little shorter.
  • The main reason that being taller than 5’4″ helps, is in the legs.

It’s natural to look in the mirror and wonder if you can cut it as a model. Remember that the images you see on my site are only the best ones. They take advantage of careful lighting and camera angles.

How Tall Does a Model Need to Be?

Modeling FAQ: I want to be a model

How do I become a model for you?

  1. Fill in a modeling application
  2. Check your email for instructions on sending your photos or Instagram
  3. I’ll meet you before committing to a shoot. New model interviews are Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings.

What should I expect during a photo shoot?

  • mamiyaI’ll discuss theme ideas before the shoot.
  • We warmup with clothed shots and I will coach you through some basic poses.
  • Photo shoots require full nudity, later in the session, similar to what you see on my portfolio.
  • Posing ideas will evolve during the shoot as we learn your strengths and best angles.
  • You are free to throw your own ideas in from time to time.

The models on your site are so beautiful. How do I know if I measure up?

  • Its easy to apply, then I’ll decide if I want to work with you.

How tall does a model need to be?

  • 5’4″ is my minimum.

I want to model nude but have never done it before.

  • Before booking, I will talk to you to make sure you know what we are doing.
  • Its normal to be a little nervous and modeling is an almost magical confidence builder.
  • I have worked with a couple hundred of brand new models. I always make sure the model is okay.
  • If you are interested I also help train models while they are employed.
  • Many of the models on my site had initial doubts but once they did it they were glad they did. Listen to what they have to say about their first nude modeling shoot.

What kind of paperwork is required?

  • You need to bring photo ID that shows your birth date. A second ID is requested.
  • The model signs a release.

Can I bring someone?

  • Yes, you can bring someone when you come to work, as long as I meet them before we book the shoot. Don’t surprise me after we’ve already setup the day & time.

Is Nudity Required?

  • Yes, nudity, similar to what you see in my portfolio is required.
  • I always warm up with non-nude shots.

How long is a shoot?

  • Normally at least three hours, sometimes four. Depends on preparation and changes to looks.
  • We don’t have to rush, we can get a lot accomplished in a half day.
  • If you want to shoot for more time or less time, we can discuss special situations.
  • Take into account your travel time. Models have traveled from Summerville, Mount Pleasant, Bluffton, Hilton Head, Columbia, and Myrtle Beach. If you are coming from Atlanta, Florida, or Charlotte, ask me about hosting options.

What are the images for?

What is your background?

  • I’ve been doing this more than fifteen years; I have photographed hundreds of models.
  • My background includes an art degree, coming from a family of artists, visiting museums in dozens of countries, and experiencing various cultures.
  • Art photography is all I do.

How do I apply?

I applied to be a model, now what?

  • Check your email for a confirmation message. If you don’t get it you entered your email incorrectly, please go back and apply again.
  • Reply to the email, attach your photos. You need to send a face shot (with as little makeup as possible) and a body shot (preferably in a 2-piece) so I can see your thighs, abs, and arms.
  • If you have additional comments, include them (example if you have a specific shoot in mind you want to do)
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Boost Your Online Profile (for Models)

Most models have an online profile and most of the ones I’ve talked to are not happy with the amount of work they are getting from it. I’ve jotted down a few simple steps to make your profile into a job-generating machine.

  1. Write down (just for yourself) what your best feature is. Don’t write more than one thing down. Make sure your main photo shows this feature! If it’s your face, use a headshot. If it’s your legs, make it a full-length shot with bare legs (don’t just do a crop shot of your legs, that looks creepy.) If your main photo doesn’t have your best feature then you’ve missed the point!
  2. Now, make sure all your features are represented. At least one photo (hopefully more) needs to show your face. The face shots need to be clear! You need a photo where your abs can be seen, one showing your legs, one showing your arms, and so on. Got one with your rear end in it? You won’t get hired if it’s a mystery as to what you look like!
  3. Are all your photos by the same photographer? Mix it up. Are they all in the same outfit? Get real! Variety. I’ve spelled it out for you. If you don’t have variety, then it will look like nobody has worked with you.
  4. You need to update often. Show that you are a working model. If possible, do a shoot every week and upload a photo!


What’s the Minimum Age When Models Can Pose Nude?

I’ve been asked the question, “What’s the minimum age when models can pose totally nude?” — I have been hesitant to respond casually to this for a number of reasons. First, it’s a question of legality and I am not an attorney so you should not consider what I write to be legal advice. Second, it is a question that sparks the imagination and some people.

The myth is that one must be age 18 to pose for a nude photo.

That is probably the simplest answer but it is not entirely correct… Continue reading

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8 Things a Nude Model Can Do to Win More Jobs

Modeling is competitive and the world of the figure model is no exception. If you work out three times a week, you may lose your next audition to the model who hits the gym five days a week. If you run two miles a day then treat yourself to fried chicken, there’s the girl who runs six miles and never sets foot in a fast-food restaurant. Here are some ideas to stay in shape, showcase your talents, and make sure you stay on top of the list of models who get called back for more work.

  1. Fix your portfolio. Choose recent photos. It’s okay to keep one favorite, but old photos send the message that you’re not hired much. Choose photos that show how good you look; not how good the Photoshop is. Retouched photos make it look like you’re trying to hide something. Remember, it’s not an art exhibit, it’s a visual résumé.
  2. Tone up. You’ve got to work out more than the competition if you’re going to beat them. Find exercise you enjoy so you won’t quit doing it.
  3. Take care of your hair. Baby it. Don’t abuse it. Depending on its length, the ends of your hairs have been hanging around for a year or more. Don’t ruin your hair in one night with harsh chemicals.
  4. Take the interview seriously. If you show up looking like you just rolled out of bed, you won’t get the choicest gigs.
  5. Junk food is the enemy. You can lie to yourself, but your body will not lie to the camera. Treat junk food like a terrorist. Don’t negotiate with junk food. Drinks with whipped cream, anything fried, anything that drips grease, or has added sugar should not pass your lips. Whole, natural foods build a healthy body.
  6. Keep a steady pace. Model regularly and in amounts that you can handle. Don’t overbook and don’t take extended holidays.
  7. Fade those tan lines. Wear a variety of beachwear so you don’t have such bad lines. Use tanning salons, but don’t overdo it. Buy one or more tan-through swimsuits. Use sunscreen. Avoid deep tanning.
  8. Don’t smoke. The link between being smoke-free and a healthy, sexy look is unmistakable.

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How to Make Sure You Get the Job (for Models)

Models often tell me that they wonder why they didn’t get this modeling gig, or that one. There are a few things you can do to improve your chances, and really stack things in your favor. I’ve photographed hundreds of nude models, and I’ve looked at many applications.

The basics

Make sure you cover the basics. These aren’t tips or secrets; these are the bare minimum. If you don’t do these, you likely won’t get any worthwhile modeling job. Doing these won’t set you apart from other applicants, but if you don’t do them you won’t even get past the front door.

  1. Read the casting call. Don’t apply unless you fit what they are looking for.
  2. Reply with an answer to everything that is asked in the casting call. If it asks for stats, give them; photos, send them.
  3. Include your contact information so they can contact you back.

Here are the Tips for getting the job

Here are some things that many models don’t do but should. These will help set you apart. Many models who worked with me did these things and it helped them get the job.

  1. Look at the photographer’s work. Show him shots that show him how you can fit into what he does.
  2. Get a second opinion before choosing your portfolio shots. If possible, ask a photographer which shots will win more jobs for you.
  3. Include large photos. Photographers want to see details.
  4. Don’t send photoshopped images, or try other ways to hide what you look like. A plain image that is true is better than the best photoshopped image. Photographers don’t care how good a Photoshop guy was with your image (they’re hiring a model, not a Photo retoucher). Photographers notice when a model is trying to hide something, and usually move on to the next applicant.
  5. Follow up. You’ll learn more about the job after you apply, and you should get back in touch with the photographer to give him details that you forgot in your original application. Don’t be a pest, but don’t disappear either.
  6. Don’t use old photos. Use recent ones.

More pointers

  1. You don’t have to send nude photos to get a nude modeling job. Most models don’t send in nudes. A bikini shot is fine to see what you look like. You can send nudes if you want to, but make sure they’re not radically different from the style of the shoot you’re applying for.
  2. Check your email regularly and respond to questions right away.
  3. Don’t apply to so many gigs at once that you can’t keep up with them all.Nude on pool table

In Defense of TFP (Time for Photos)

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a TFP photo shoot. A long time ago I made a decision to pay all my models. It was the right decision for me. However, TFP is still right for some situations, even among experienced and skilled models and photographers.

TFP (once Time for Prints, before digital) is when a model and photographer do a shoot for free. No modeling fees. No photography fees. Both get images for their use. Details will vary, but that’s the gist of it. It’s also sometimes known as TFCD (time for CD) or TFDVD or TF*, etc. But “TFP” is the more widely used term.

This practice has been both revered and reviled. Truth is, it has its place for many models and photographers, including beginners and veterans alike.

I’ve heard some say “never do TFP” as blanket advice. When someone says “never” it reminds me of the time I saw a paramedic running to someone’s aid with a pair of scissors in hand; never run with scissors, I thought to myself; never say never.

I’ve done maybe two TFP shoots in the last five years. But every once in a while someone comes along with an interesting idea that I want to do, only it doesn’t fit into what I’m hiring for. In that case, I do TFP.

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Build Your Modeling Portfolio

If you’re interested in modeling nude, you may wonder how you get started. First you need to show a photographer what you look like. If you’re unable to meet in person, you’ll need to send some photos. This is how I “meet” about half of my new models. The images you send don’t need to be nude; clothed shots are perfectly fine. Here is how to build a modeling portfolio from a photographer’s perspective. There are really two main shots I like to see:

  1. Close-up face, no makeup
  2. Full length body (e.g. in a swim suit)

Neither of these need to be professional quality, as long as they are clear shots. I care about what you look like, not the skill of your previous photographer. Also make sure the photos are large enough to see detail; tiny photos don’t cut it.Continue reading