Student modeling job Charleston: Ali

I’ve worked with Ali several times. She was a student, seeking a modeling job in Charleston. A couple of times, as part of a pair. I booked Ali and Kyleigh without either of them knowing the identity of their partner until the time of the shoot. Ali introduced me to Stephanie, an Charleston Art Institute Student and I booked them both together for a very productive modeling job in my Charleston photography studio.


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What’s it like to model for me? Here’s what Ali says:

Video transcript:

Hi I’m Ali and I just did a shoot with AK. I just want to say it was a lot of fun. He had a lot of innovative ideas and I definitely recommend any aspiring models to shoot with him. He’s very professional and definitely knows what he’s doing behind the camera. I was very impressed and I enjoyed my second time working with him and hope to collaborate some more.

I really enjoyed being in front of the camera. I’m really energetic and photogenic, so I have a good time. Because I was so tall when I was younger, people told me “you should model” but I never really took it too seriously. I do it for passion and fun and to get some nice photos while I’m young.

He had the genius idea to douse me with a water bottle. No, we we wanted to do and interpretation of being outside in the water and presenting how beautiful female can still be even with her eyes covered with an awkward set of goggles. and I think it turned out very well. I’ve done probably five or six nude shoots. I just jumped right into doing a nude. I love my body. I love being naked. I like photography. It all kind of all just came together. When I was 18, I was at college Charleston, and I still am, but I just wanted to do something that was a little bit different than what most people were doing. If you get out of your comfort zone it would be something that would make you start to think differently about how you carry yourself day to day. I think it also gives you a sense of confidence as well because you know you look good in front of a camera.