Brooke was looking for a way to start modeling for art nude photography. She replied to a job advertisement on a popular employment search site. I had advertised that I was seeking females who could portray confidence and comfort while completely nude. Previous modeling experience was not required and she had never posed nude before.

I had her complete a written application to ensure the details were clear and to demonstrate her commitment to the project. She submitted photos showing her face and full length to ensure that she was what I was looking for. She had interned at NBC as well as held a number of other jobs in creative fields, so I knew she would be both reliable and passionate about a creative project.

She says she is not a model, but a student who, plays soccer and just likes to have fun. Doing a nude photoshoot was something she found to be very fun and came back for a repeat. Earning some money in the process wasn’t bad either! She rode her bike to the studio each day, which impressed me with her dedication to staying fit.

This model’s advice for other girls who want to start modeling for art nude photography: stretch before the shoot! Also get a good night’s sleep and have something to eat before the photo shoot. It’s normal to be nervous if you’ve never done it before, so don’t psych yourself out. You’ll have fun!