South Carolina professional model Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a South Carolina professional model who had advertised herself well in my area, a couple hours’ drive from where she lives. She kept herself busy posing for calendars, winning pageants, and studying law. One of her friends had modeled for me. She heard about me from this friend, saw her pictures, then got interested in doing her own nude modeling photo shoot.

Whether you are a South Carolina professional model, an amatuer, or just aspiring and wondering where to start, you can contact me. Some models go into it full time, others use modeling to help pay for school, and some just want to try it once or twice.


Model for me

After Elizabeth contacted me, I booked her for an upcoming shoot. When she met me in person, she told me she’d seen Megan another model I photographed in Charleston with and really liked the photos. Many models follow in the footsteps of those they admire. I had the privilege of working with Elizabeth on two occasions, both with terrific results.