Hope: Nudes in Nature

I have done several photoshoots with this great model. On this page, she demonstrates her versatility as a model, doing a nude photoshoot outdoors. Posing nude in nature is a classic theme of both art and pin-up modeling. Playing the role of the goddess Venus, she successfully tackles the portrayal of beauty and sensuality that is parallel between the landscape and the female figure.

These images were shot in both North and South Carolina, as well as Tennessee. Originally from Asheville, NC, we spent a weekend in western North Carolina doing a nude photoshoot outdoors each day. We found fields of flowers, rivers, and waterfalls.


 Schedule a Shoot

Hope responded to an ad I placed. She wrote: “I am interested in being the nude model for your photography. I am an artist myself and have painted some nude portraits so I understand. I would like to meet before hand and maybe know a little about you. I will attach one or two photographs of myself to see if I might be what you’re looking for. I will check my email often for a reply.” I responded quickly to Hope, knowing she was eager to get started.

Hope is a fine-arts major. She began working with me at the age of 19 and we have done at least ten shoots. We have shot in the mountains, at a waterfall, and at an abandoned Buddhist monastery. She has a knack for posing with naturally in any setting. One of the techniques my models use is to imagine you’re trying to get someone’s attention from a distance, but don’t overdo it. In other words, don’t look like you’re trying to get their attention, just get it.

Transcript of video:

Hi my name is hope. I’d never done a nude photo shoot before it went really great. He made me feel really comfortable. I found out about it on Craigslist. so I emailed him and said “I’m interested.” He offered a public meeting. I decided to work with him because he was professional but casual. It was a gradual process. It was definitely a process that made me feel comfortable. Overall it was great. If you’re interested, I suggest you try it.

I’m 20 years old. I’ve been modeling I’d say 10 years altogether. I first got into it because people suggested “you should model.” We started off with clothed shots which I thought was a great idea. It just gave me a chance to warm up. What made me excited about the shoot and working with you is that you are very charismatic about your work. The photography and what you do, and not just the model and I think that that’s important. Your work is something that is significant to you. It is something that you’re fully devoted to and interested in and I think thats big part of what made me want to work with you.