Miami art nude modeling jobs

I hire females 18 to 26 for art nude modeling in Miami for a variety of jobs in Florida. Perhaps the most interesting arrangement are trips to the Bahamas. We leave out of either Miami or Ft. Lauderdale.

On this page is Cynthia. She responded to a casting call in Miami Florida and we did a nude modeling test shoot. I later hired her for additional nude modeling shoots. We later flew from Miami to the Bahamas for several days of model shooting on the beaches. Nude modeling in the Bahamas was a dream for both of us. We also did some photography work in a swimming pool, including underwater nudes. We spent the time on two remote islands, not a fancy resort. The pristine nature provided ample opportunity for photography.

Model for me

Shooting in the sand at sunrise allowed for some interesting visual effects. Nothing spurs creativity quite as well as an inspiring location and energy-filled model! Nude modeling in the Bahamas was a lot of fun for everyone involved. We had the opportunity to focus on making art, free from distractions or schedule interruptions. This model maximized her time in front of the camera, taking advantage of the landscape, light, and everything the islands had to offer.

This was no luxury vacation. We were often up early to shoot in the morning light, even sunrise. Although the drinking age in the Bahamas is eighteen, this girl doesn’t drink. She was always fresh for shoots and full of energy. Some of the things I liked best were her punctuality and dedication. She was never late for a shoot, never asked to quit early, and often pushed to shoot longer. In some cases we pushed and inspired each other to work harder and create better shots. It’s no wonder this model ended up being to cover model for my photography book, Pink Sands. I’ll be looking for another model who wants to do nude modeling in the Bahamas in the future. I cover all travel and accomodations.