Nude Model Portfolio: Nikki

Nikki is a Los Angeles model who did nude modeling shoots with me when she lived in Charleston. I photographed Nikki four times, starting when she was twenty. She has since moved to L.A. to become a model and paired with some publications that enjoy her exotic mix of Brazilian and French genes. She has found modeling jobs in Los Angeles California with Perry Ellis clothing. She also was in German Maxim Magazine. The nude model portfolio below contains some shots from our photography shoots.

I don’t claim the ability to get models into modeling agencies, or to move from South Carolina to Los Angeles to continue their modeling career. I am able to teach models how to do my style of nude modeling for my artwork. All credit for continued modeling success lies with the models themselves. Photoshoots with Nikki were fun and productive for both of us.

The nude model portfolio above shows some examples of what this model and I produced. If you would like to work on a portfolio, gain modeling experience, or just have a fun way to earn some money, consider getting in touch at the link below.

 Model for Me