Megan has worked with me several times now. She was looking for a nude model job in Charleston when she got in touch with me. We started by meeting at a coffee shop so we could get acquainted in a casual atmosphere. We talked and discovered we were a good fit to work together. Here are some of our best shots, after Photoshop and retouching.

Model for me

Video text:
Hi, I'm Megan. I did my first modeling shoot for AK today. It's very exciting. We did a lot of new stuff I've never done before. I've done a couple modeling things before but this was my first one nude. It's very exciting and might be a little nerve-wracking at first. About 20 minutes before I walked out the door I started getting cold feet. But I was definitely very comfortable when I came in. I can't wait to see my pictures; see all the cool stuff that he does to them; see the end result. I want to be art. The best thing about today was being comfortable in my own skin and trying something new. I am looking for the next time.