Model Mayhem paid shoot

Bonnie found me through my profile on Model Mayhem. As a Model Mayhem model, she was looking for something with a more artistic and creative bend. This shoot was performed at a studio on Bryant Street, while visiting San Francisco, CA. She wanted to work on her modeling portfolio, nude posing ideas, and get involved with my artwork. And as with many on Model Mayhem, a paid shoot was more than welcome. That was a good fit, because I pay all of my models immediately after the shoot. No tfp nude shoots. The shoot was a breeze and we got a lot of great results that day.

Looking for a photographer on Model Mayhem, a paid shoot is what most models are looking for. Of course, building your portfolio and improving your on-camera skills are important too. All my models get paid, and there is the option to receive photos for your portfolio as well. Payment is in cash, Venmo, or other electronic means of your preference, after we finish the shoot.


Model for me

What's it like to model for me? Here's what this model says:

The first task shooting with this model was to find her and the studio. I was over a thousand miles from home, looking for the address of a studio that she had secured for us to shoot in. The bargain was simple: I hired her, she convinced the studio owner to let me shoot and use his equipment, and all she had to do was clean up after. It’s good to find models with connections.  The studio featured a cyclorama, a fainting couch, and a couple of other sets.

The model was relaxed dealing with a new photographer in a familiar place. We selected a couple of sets that were available in the studio: a sofa, and a cyclorama. The cornerless surface of the cyclorama provided an endless white background. We pulled a few posing props onto this, including an old wooden crate and a chromed stool that was in the makeup area. In between looks, I discussed what I wanted for the next look, then I left her mostly to her own devices to come up with it. I would head back to the makeup area when she was almost ready to look for any small detail that was out of place.