Mallory was discovered while she was serving at a restaurant. We introduced ourselves, and I asked how to get in touch with her. She gave me a phone number, and I asked her to write her email address down for me as well. I handed her my card with my website address and phone number on it and told her that it would be a day or two before I called her.

A couple days later, I called Mallory and asked if she could model on a specific day later that week. She was remarkably excited about the prospect. She said she had to get back to me about changing her work schedule, but that she would do everything she could to make it work. The conversation also left me with the impression that she was wonderfully conscientious—an important trait for a model or anyone who wants the most out of their work.

When she showed up for the shoot, Mallory explained that posing was opportunity she had been looking for. She was 20 years old when she got her first nude shoot.  The shoot was amazing, and we had a second shoot exactly a week later.



Model for me