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Models often pay too much to modeling schools, talent agencies, model managers, and others in order to learn to model. In many cases, you can get this training without paying for it. On the contrary, you can get paid right when you start modeling. Like many careers in the arts, modeling is competitive; every bit of training can help. Find someone in the industry who can train you while you work. You can earn money while you learn to model.

Ava was looking for than just a nude modeling job, she wanted to learn how to model. We have worked together five times. Below are some retouched photographs from our shoots. Being comfortable nude in front of the camera comes with experience, and almost all my models achieve that in the first hour of shooting. The next aspect to conquer is less obvious: you need to be interesting. Sometimes it’s a simple as turning the head the right way, or repositioning an arm or leg.

Art modeling is a great way to build self confidence with your body and the way you move it. The models I work with are often surprised at how quickly they learn skills. Even if it is both fun and fulfilling, I can’t say that it is easy, most shoots are a bit of a physical workout. However, the best workout is one where you get in shape, have fun, learn new skills, and get paid for doing it!

Many of my models come from backgrounds like food service, nursing, or an office job. Many were disillusioned with the job search process. They are looking for an exciting source of income that breaks them out of the daily routine. Benefits of an art modeling job are choosing your own hours and days, working one on one with the same person each time, and learning new skills that make you employable in the future.

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