Kaitlyn had a can-do attitude and put a lot of effort into bringing some great props to the shoots. When she showed up for her first shoot, her car was packed with props, including boxing gloves, a guitar, and her surfboard hanging out the back window. Each represents part of her personality. I worked with Kaitlyn on three occasions. She had poise and a winning smile that always looked genuine. She made unmatched eye contact with the camera and was able to emote a range of facial expressions. Kaitlyn was bubbly and charismatic.



 Model for Me


On our second shoot, working with another model, she proved to be a tremendous asset by pumping up the energy in the room at the times it was most needed. This was a hidden benefit that I would have never learned from any number of interviews, sample photos, or meetings. Sometimes you just need to put the right model in the right situation to know her true potential. Kaitlyn gave me plenty of feedback when reviewing our shoots and was good at coming up with refinements and new ideas for our the next time we shot. When presented with a prop, she would find varying ways to visually intertwine herself with it. It’s a true asset when a model can envision herself as the photographer will see her and Kaitlyn has an innate talent for doing this.