Freelance model job: Marisa

Marisa is an experienced freelance model. She has done runway and high fashion modeling. She wanted to try nude modeling, so when she saw one of my casting calls, she got in touch via this site. Her credits include:

  • Charleston Fashion Week (2 years)
  • Charlotte Fashion Week
  • Enki Mikaye Fashion Show
  • Chia’s Fashion Show
  • Dockside Fashion Show
  • Charleston Magazine (3 issues)
  • Skirt Magazine
  • Charleston Wedding Magazine
  • GMAC Insurance Ad
  • Cavortress

I mostly work with freelance models, but not all of them are experienced as Marisa is. Of course, I also work with girls who have never modeled before. When modeling for art, the process is so different from other kinds of modeling that I end up training every model I work with, even if they have extensive modeling experience.

What’s it like to model for me? Here’s what Marisa said:

Video transcript:
I shot with AK today. It was my first time doing nude modeling. I felt very comfortable. I think the she went very. I’d recommend him to anybody else. I started about three years ago. I’ve done high fashion, runway, editorials, and catalogs. This was my first nude and figure modeling so it’s a pretty interesting experience and I enjoyed it. I contacted AK through a Craigslist posting for modeling and we exchanged e-mails back and forth until we finally caught up with today to shoot. We discussed possible ideas for the shoot, what to bring, preparation for the shoot, and then I come over this morning. I saw a couple of them as we shot, they looked pretty good, the lighting and the background looked pretty neat so I’m excited to see the end result. If you are interested in it you might as well just try it out at least one time to see if you like it. You never know until you try it so go for it.