Figure modeling job: Sarah

Sarah was looking for a figure modeling job in South Carolina when she contacted me. I have worked with Sarah four times, twice on location. Originally from Michigan, Sarah has 6 years of experience modeling. She has modeled for GNC, Virgin Airlines, a cigar maker, and a hotel company. She has also worked in lighting workshops, as well as figure modeling for life drawing. Highly trained in both art and pin-up posing, her skills are evident in the results. I thank her for making the two-hour round-trip to work with me several times.

Most of my models are not as experienced as Sarah. In fact, no experience is required to start modeling for me.

I’ve performed a number of shoots with Sarah in a variety of settings and locations. Our first was in my studio. I quickly learned she’s a master of posing whether against a plain background or a complex set. Although just 5’4”, she knows how to exaggerate the curve of her torso and extension of her limbs. She’s careful not to lock her joints, resulting in an energetic, yet calm look.

Serious and dedicated to creating a great image, she was in-tune with verbal communication as well as other cues, such as my shooting posture and tempo. Sarah has a good habit of striking a general pose and slowly continuing to move through subtle variations. These slow movements are more natural looking than freezing a pose. In the shot at right Sarah traced the fingers of her right hand up and down the inside of her elbow and shifted her hips. After I took a few frames of this slow-motion dance, she struck another pose.

Sarah and I also worked together at her home, using a child’s size swimming pool to create some effects. It was important to light the shot well and keep the electronics safely away from the water. We also used the occasion to capture some outdoor portraits in a concealed area of her backyard. The shoot required bringing some gear and driving a couple of hours. I needed to plan for space in the car, security of my equipment, and time to pack and unpack on both ends. When breaking for lunch on the road, I kept my camera safely in the trunk and the rest of my equipment out of view in Sarah’s house.

Sarah has lived and had figure modeling jobs in South Carolina and Georgia, including Beaufort, Hilton Head, Charleston, and Mount Pleasant.


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