Christi had never modeled before meeting me. She was a bit of a tomboy and at twenty had just started wearing makeup the year prior.

Tia, who had modeled for me previously, recruited Christi while we were out searching for talent. Tia was pretty familiar with my style of shooting and my processes, so she was a capable advocate. Tia explained in her own words that I was considering Christy as a potential model. A few minutes later, Tia came back and said, “She’s going to do it,” and gave me Christi’s contact info.

In the days leading up to the shoot, I communicated with Christi via text message, once to see if she had questions and once to confirm the time and place. Although she had never modeled before, when Christi posed for me, she exhibited the same explosive energy she had when I first saw her.


 Model for Me