Sionion has walked the runway from early on and always wanted to model for art. As soon as she was able to, she contacted me to set up a shoot. Not all my models have as much experience as Sionion, she has loved modeling for a while now. She is Charleston Fashion Week Model, a veteran of several shows, and a graduate of a Charleston modeling school and talent agency. She was looking for a nude photography studio, contacted me when she was eighteen for a modeling job, and here are the results.

Model for Me

She had worked with many professional photographers in addition to being a Charleston fashion week model, but wanted a nude photography studio for her first nude shoot. After noticing my portfolio of art nudes, pinups, and other nude modeling photographs online, she became interested. She contacted me and we began setting up the details.

In the following video interview, Sionion tells you what it’s like. These are her unrehearsed, unscripted words, describing her nude photography studio experience, modeling for me in Charleston South Carolina.


Creating an optimal shoot required a mix of capitalizing on her skills as well as unlearning some of the staples as a Charleston Fashion Week model. For example, runway models usually have a blank, emotionless expression. She quickly learned how to channel emotions into subtle facial expressions by thinking of memories that she associated with those emotions. Even very experienced models can get nervous trying something new. I was careful to give positive reinforcement for all the things Sionion was doing correctly, while still providing her as much beneficial feedback as possible. Thanks to her training at modeling school and posing for fashion shoots, she knew how to pose her limbs and curves in appealing ways. She required no coaching to strike interesting poses, and each suggestion helped dozens of ideas blossom.