Portfolio: Nude Photography Charleston South Carolina

If you’re interested in nude modeling gigs, take a look behind the scenes of some shoots.

The images here were selected as the best of one or more shoots with each model. Most are from nude modeling shoots in Charleston, others are from New York, California, and Florida. I used makeup, lighting, camera angles, and then Photoshop to enhanced and retouched each one to make both models and photographer look their best. Shoots warm up with clothed poses, and all involve full nudity at some point, similar to what you see in these galleries.

If you want to do nude modeling in Charleston, build a portfolio, learn nude modeling skills, or just a new experience, consider getting in touch.

I photograph models for art nudes primarily in Charleston, South Carolina. I also travel to New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, and various other locations to conduct modeling shoots. Many of the models are not professionals or full time. I work with freelance models, as well as attractive females who have never modeled before. Some work with me to build a modeling portfolio, others are looking for an exciting new experience.

Although many of my model have experience in runway, fashion, and catalog modeling, experience is not required. Figure art modeling is so different from other kinds of modeling, that newcomers are often just as successful. Even if you have done art modeling before, I can guarantee you a unique experience.

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