I applied for a modeling job. Now what?

It typically takes us 1-2 days to respond to your modeling application. Not all applications will receive a response, for example, if you don’t meet the basic criteria we are looking for.

New models near Charleston SC:

  • New models attend a quick in-person interview.
  • Be on time. Make sure you are able to attend the interview before you apply to model.
  • It’s a brief, informal meeting to get to know you, confirm your looks, and shows you can keep appointments.
  • It will be somewhere easy to find, like a coffee shop.
  • After the interview, we’ll be in touch a day or two after the interview if we feel you’re a good fit for a shoot.
  • If you are unable to make it, please cancel as soon as possible so we can get on to other things. An explanation is not required.

Outside Charleston SC area:

  • We will follow up with a virtual review. Since you can’t meet in person, additional photos are usually needed.
  • We’ll make sure you’ve sent the right photos to get an idea what you look like, body mods, etc.
  • We’ll confirm you’ve looked at my photographer’s portfolio.

Painless application process

  • We work with a variety of young women who don’t always have a classic model look.
  • We realize applying takes courage and there is a fear of rejection.
  • You will receive a response if we are interested in working with you.
  • If you do not receive a response, you may inquire after one week. We may simply be backlogged, or we may tell you we don’t currently have a project that you’re a good fit for.
  • We typically do not give specific feedback to applicants and you will not receive a rejection notice.