Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect during a photo shoot?
  • I'll discuss theme ideas before the shoot.
  • We warmup with clothed shots and I will coach you through some basic poses.
  • Photo shoots require full nudity, later in the session, similar to what you see on my portfolio.
  • Posing ideas will evolve during the shoot as we learn your strengths and best angles.
  • You are free to throw your own ideas in from time to time.
Those models are so beautiful. Do I measure up?
  • After makeup, specialized lighting, and Photoshop, they do look even more beautiful.
  • They all start off beautiful and become even more so in the finished product. I understand it can be intimidating if you're unfamiliar with the process.
  • It's easy to apply, then I'll decide if I want to work with you.
How tall do your models need to be?
  • 5'4" is my minimum. 6' is the maximum.
I want to model nude but have never done it before.
  • Before booking, I will talk to you to make sure you know what we are doing.
  • Its normal to be a little nervous and modeling is an almost magical confidence builder.
  • I have worked with a couple hundred of brand new models. I always make sure the model is okay.
  • If you are interested I also help train models while they are employed.
  • Many of the models on my site had initial doubts but once they did it they were glad they did. Listen to what they have to say about their first nude modeling shoot.
What kind of paperwork is required?
  • You need to bring photo ID that shows your birth date, like a driver's license. A second ID is helpful.
  • The model signs a release.
Can I bring someone?
  • Yes, you can bring someone when you come to work, as long as I meet them before we book the shoot. Don't surprise me after we've already setup the day & time.
Is Nudity Required?
  • Yes, nudity, similar to what you see in my portfolio is required.
  • I always warm up with non-nude shots.
How long is a shoot?
  • Either a morning or afternoon. Alternately, "short day" shoots, go mid-morning to late afternoon with a lunch break. Varies with preparation and location.
  • We don't have to rush, we can get a lot accomplished in a half day.
  • If you want to shoot for more time or less time, we can discuss special situations.
  • Take into account your travel time. Models have traveled from Summerville, Mount Pleasant, Bluffton, Hilton Head, Columbia, and Myrtle Beach. If you are coming from Atlanta, Florida, or Charlotte, ask me about hosting options.
Will I get paid?
  • Yes, all my nude photography shoots are paid modeling jobs.
  • You will be paid right after the shoot via Venmo or PayPal. I can pay other ways too, including cash, but you should let me know the day before.
What is your background?
  • Full-time artist since 2013.
  • Art degree, raised in a family of artists, visiting museums in dozens of countries, and experiencing various cultures.
  • Doing photography over fifteen years; I've photographed hundreds of models.
How do I apply?
I applied to be a model, now what?
  • Check your email for a confirmation message. If you don't get it, you entered your email incorrectly, please go back and apply again.
  • Reply to the email, attach your photos. You need to send a face shot (with as little makeup as possible) and a body shot (preferably in a 2-piece) so I can see your thighs, abs, and arms. Application photo help.
  • If you have additional comments, include them (example if you have a specific shoot in mind you want to do).
Will I get some photographs after?
  • Yes. It can take me several days or longer, then I will show you proof images. These are not finished images, but give you an idea.
  • After making proofs, I will organize and compile the best images, from these I will make portfolio-quality images. Your input is welcome in selecting portfolio images.
Can I use the images?
  • You can use the portfolio quality images for your modeling portfolio.
  • Please don't use the proof quality images, let me know which ones you want as portfolio quality.
  • You can't sell the images or otherwise go into business competing against me with my own photographs.
What are the photos used for?
  • I make limited edition artwork, which I market to collectors via art dealers. I also make photobooks.
  • To accompany each artwork or photobook, I write essays that describe my inspiration and other thoughts about each artwork and theme.
  • Making and selling artwork is how I make my income.
  • To create artwork or photobooks requires additional work. I photoshop to combine and remove elements and achieve an artistic composition. I alter the colors and tonality. I typically spend twenty hours or more on each attempt and not all attempts will result in artwork. Due to the large amount of labor in each artwork or book layout, this can take months.
  • I market the artwork through art dealers and advertise it on my own.
I'm not a model, can I still pose for you?
  • Half of the girls who posed for me don't consider themselves models and had never done a photo shoot.