Glossary of Modeling Terms and Definitions

Artistic Nude
Artistic nudity is a form of nudity that is intended to showcase the body as art. Artistic nudes are typically suitable for framing and exhibition.

An interview with a photographer, casting director, etc., to evaluate the model’s suitability for a specific job. At an audition you may be asked to show a portfolio or dress in a certain style.

Book (noun)
See portfolio.

Book (verb)
To arrange a shoot.

A modeling shoot, also see Gig.

Boudoir Nude
A style of nude glamour shot in an indoor, bedroom setting.

Call Back
An additional interview held to make further determinations as to which model(s) will be hired.

Casting Call
An advertisement for models. The casting call will contain details about the work requirements and, after an inquiry, usually is followed by auditions or interviews.

Comp Card
A card containing a composite of a model’s photos and information. This term is often applied to the digital version of the same.

Figure Modeling
Another term for nude modeling; more commonly used with art modeling than with glamour.

A modeling job

Glamour Nude (or Glamor nude)
Nude photography with a sensual mood. The emphasis is on the model, not on any product or clothing.

Model Release
An agreement between the model and photographer, granting the photographer rights to use the photos from a shoot, in exchange for compensation paid to the model. Sample model release for use with nude models.

Open Call
A casting call that may be attended without an appointment.

Petite Model
In runway modeling, petite is any model 5’8″ or shorter; in glamour modeling petite could be 5’5″ or shorter.

A form of modeling suitable for calendars, posters, and other glamorous displays of attractive models.

Playboy Style Nude
A style of nude typically seen in Playboy publications; used as a common way to explain the degree of explicit nudity required. Means non-pornographic nude work. This term is sometimes used to distinguish soft-core nudity from harder core styles found in other magazines such as Hustler Magazine or Penthouse Magazine.

A showcase of a model’s best photographs, intended to win additional work.

Runway Modeling
Clothing modeling performed at a live show, usually on an elevated runway. Runway models are typically female, 5’9″ to 5’11” in height.

Statistics, or measurements, of a model. Usually bra size (or bust measurement), waist measurement at its smallest, and hips at their largest. Also height, weight, age, and dress size. You’ll be asked to provide your stats before or during an interview. For example: My stats are 34C-24-34, 5’8″ 110 lbs, 19 years old, size 0.

Time For Photos: Payment given to the model in the form of photographs that can be used in her portfolio. Also TFCD, Time for (photo) CD. Also TF*, Time For *some form of photos.

ZED card
A three panel card containing a model’s photos and information. This term is often applied to the digital version of the same

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