Figure Models and the Sun, Part 2


Part 2: Getting Rid of Lines

Once you have tan lines, getting rid of them is not easy. But try this trick: Go to the tanning salon, wearing sunscreen on your already tan parts. Leave your chest, butt, and bikini area exposed.


Too much UV isn't good for your skin, so don't get a dark tan. Lightly tan skin photographs just as well as a deep tan, anyways. Getting the same tone all over is the goal. Moreover, very dark tans just don't look natural.

If you spend a lot of time at the beach, there are some tricks to use. The first is a tan-through swimsuit. They don't cost much more than a nice swimsuit and they allow the UV rays to penetrate without being see-through. Remember to still apply  sunscreen to bare skin!

Whether you're at the beach or not, a favorite outfit can bring on crisp tan lines. Make sure to wear a different outfit each day with a variety of locations for shoulder straps, sleeves, and pant legs. This helps smooth out the transition between sun exposed and covered skin. Even wearing SPF 50, you're still getting some sun.

Avoid the sun when you have clothes on. When you want to tan, find a way to tan all over.