Avoiding tan lines for better modeling jobs

Models want to avoid tan lines. Whether you’re posing nude for art, or another kind of modeling, tan lines can be the difference between a few spotty jobs and a better modeling career. For many models, keeping an even skin tone can be the hardest part of maintaining their appearance.

Tan lines appear from shoulder straps, bikini tops, and bottoms. Even if you don’t go to the beach, sun exposure can make your skin look uneven. You can even get tan lines in the winter. Summer tan lines are the most pronounced, but in a mild winter, you’ll still get some sun on exposed skin.

Take a look at your bare shoulders in the mirror. Unless you’re a professional model, the skin is probably lighter where your clothings straps have been. This is because, again unless you’re doing a lot of modeling, you’re probably not applying sunscreen on a daily basis.

But don’t worry! Almost everyone has tan lines. It’s not something you’ll fix overnight. The point here is to make you aware of how you can get more even skin tone. If you want to book more modeling jobs and get better results, this is a new tool in your toolbox!

My tips for avoiding tan lines and staying photo-shoot ready:

  • Sunscreen. Use it every morning year-round. Don’t forget your neck and shoulders.
  • Extra sunscreen if you’re outdoors more than an hour.
  • Tan through swimsuits are your secret weapon! You might have never heard of tan-through swim suits or questions their existence. Get at least two and make it the only kind of swimsuit you wear outside
  • Late-day sun is much less likely to burn tan lines than daytime sun. Enjoy the outdoors from 3 p.m. to sunset.
  • Have more than one favorite outfit. Wear a different sleeve and strap pattern each day. Think of it as a fashion challenge that works in two different ways: variety of fashion looks and more even skin.
  • Stay armed with a lightweight cover up if you get stuck in the sun longer than expected.
  • Wear a hat with your sunglasses to avoid goggle-lines. Don’t wear the same sunglasses every day.

Final thoughts on sun exposure:

  • Everyone has some unevenness to their tan.
  • You can’t fix tan lines overnight.
  • Think about it as a process of improving over time.
  • First improve your sun exposure habits, getting more careful each day,
  • Then watch your tan become more even each week.