Advice for Models

  1. Bring some of your own wardrobe to warm up in.
  2. Look at as many sample photos as possible and make sure you know which poses are going to be expected of you
  3. Ask about hair and makeup. Should you arrive with it done? Fingernails and toenails are part of your makeup.
  4. Beware of elastic in tight undergarments as it leaves lines on your skin.
  5. Stay hydrated; drink water (and avoid alcohol) the night before the shoot. This will help your skin “bounce back” from garment lines.
  6. Practice posing at different curves and angles.
  7. Don’t automatically smile and look at the camera; mix it up a bit.
  8. In standing poses, rest your weight on one foot or the other, but not evenly.
  9. In sitting poses, keep your weight on the back hip or thigh to give a slimming effect to the front leg.
  10. For some poses you may need to suck in your stomach even if you’re very fit, but don’t hold your breath
  11. Makeup for camera can look different in the mirror than it will in the final image, make sure to listen to any on-camera makeup advice if you’re not experienced in this area.
  12. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  13. Turn off your phone if you can; if you’re expecting an important call, make this known before beginning work.
  14. Study poses that you like.