Fine art photography of the female form.

I hire females 18-26 who are 5'4" to 6' tall. Many are regular people who had never done a professional photo shoot before. I work in photography, oil painting, and drawing. I offer competitive pay and a flexible schedule. You can try just one shoot, or start a career. If you have an attractive, healthy look, read on.

I'm photographer A.K. Nicholas. I got my art degree in Colorado and now live in Charleston. What you see here are the best 5% of shots, some heavily Photoshopped. I have included unfiltered and behind-the-scenes images to show new models that I work with regular people. My artwork is available via major art dealers and is collected in over a dozen countries.

Step 1: Review my photographer's portfolio

Step 2: Apply to be an art model

Step 3: Interview process

Step 4: Get ready for your shoot

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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