"What kind of models are you looking for?"

I'm A K Nicholas.  I photograph attractive females who are 5'4" or taller, age 18 to 26, and have a healthy look.

My style is different from most modeling gigs. Experience is not requires and I'm happy to train anyone I work with. Some models I work with are just starting their careers and others are trying it for the first time. I hire based on the way you look and your ability to be interesting in front of the camera. I will help you build skill and confidence, beginning slowly with clothed shots.

Small tattoos (that could be covered by a dollar bill) will be concealed with special makeup. I work with a variety of body types, except plus-size or those shorter than 5'4".

I offer reasonable hourly pay (about double what the college pays art models) and copies of the photos are available for your portfolio.

Apply to be an art model in Charleston SC or other locations I travel to. The photos are used in my artist's monograms (coffee table art books) and limited edition art prints.

Model for me

Modeling nude for the first time? Watch this.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Art photography, Charleston South Carolina