Ten Ideas That Pay Off for New Models

I’ve talked to a lot of models and worked with hundreds. Many ask me what they can do to improve the number of shoots they do. Here is a summary of ten at the top.

  1. Hit the gym. The good news is that much of your competition spends less than two hours a week at the gym. Your goal is to beat these girls, not tie them. The models who succeed spend an average of four to six hours a week with vigorous exercise. Walking to class or work is a good start, next hit the hard workouts.
  2. Cut out the sugar. Next time you down a Chocolate Frappuccino, just remember you’re consuming an extra 500 calories. One a week and you’ll gain 50 pounds in a year.
  3. Look for work. The work isn’t going to come to you. Scour the casting calls for work that you can do.
  4. Build your portfolio. Shoot as much as you can until you have a great looking portfolio
  5. Show what you look like. Does your portfolio show everything but you? Bulky jackets, seated poses, hidden face? A simple shot that shows what your body looks like (doesn’t have to be nude) goes a very long way.
  6. Be prompt. Replying within two business days is considered professional. If you’re going to be away, let people know with an autoresponder or note on your web site.
  7. Be honest and upfront. Mention any scars, tattoos, or other information that is relevant.
  8. Only apply to castings where you are qualified. Read the whole casting and make sure it is a good fit. This will save you a lot of time.
  9. Ask for referrals. After a successful shoot ask for a referral to other opportunities.
  10. Be honest with yourself. Do you have the drive to be a model? Are you ready to workout almost every day? Can you give up most of the fatty and sugary foods? Modeling can be fun and rewarding, with some hard work and lucky genetics you can go to unimaginable heights.
Amber, nude model Charleston SC gymnastic floor pose

Hard work in the gym pays off