Get Ready for Your Shoot

Here are a few tips to help you avoid some common pitfalls. If you've been shooting regularly you already know most of these but some are specific to my style.

In General

  • Make sure I know about tattoos, so I can have makeup ready
  • Minimize tan lines and pale body parts.

Three days before the shoot:

  • Take care of your skin. Avoid sun exposure, tanning salons. Use sunscreen on your neck and bare shoulders to avoid strap lines.
  • Avoid getting cuts and bruises.
  • Stay moisturized.

48 hours before the shoot:

  • Get some moderate exercise.
  • Get rid of body hair today or tomorrow depending on how long it normally takes your skin to recover.
  • Exfoliate dry skin, don’t forget your feet. Exfoliate lips if needed.
  • If this is your first nude shoot get a restful sleep tonight. You may be a too excited the night before the shoot to get enough rest.

24 hours before the shoot:

  • Avoid staining your teeth: tea, coffee, cigarettes; they all show up on the image.
  • Pack your stuff. See my post Model’s Survival Kit for ideas.
  • Avoid excessive caffeine or alcohol. Eat sensibly.
  • Stretch. Stay limber.
  • Stay active enough to burn off any excess energy before bedtime, but don’t do any marathon workouts today. Stay hydrated. Get a full night's rest if you can.

Day of the shoot

  • Don't wear anything tight on the way over. This includes socks and jeans! This avoids elastic lines. You can bring lingerie for the warm-up shoot, but don't wear it until we're ready to use it.
  • Bring a government-issued photo ID that shows your date of birth (Driver's license, passport, military ID, etc.) Bring a second form of ID (Other photo ID, birth certificate, student ID, etc.)
  • If needed, moisturize feet, elbows, hands, anywhere that could get dry.
  • Navigation: Get in touch if you're lost, don't be embarrassed, just ask.
  • Please let me know ASAP if you're going to be late or can't make it, please don't be a no-show without saying.
  • Phone: Keep to a minimum as we work. If you need to, ask to take a break.

What to bring

  • Bring your makeup to the shoot in case of touchup.
  • Bring a few pretty outfits for warmup. Something you might wear to a wedding or party usually works well.
  • Bring a robe, sweater, or other coverup in case you get cold on breaks.
  • Bring some items that can be worn as a focal point of an otherwise nude photo: a scarf, hat, gloves, shoes, even an open shirt worn on it's own.

Prop Ideas

  • Musical instruments
  • Anything old, whether it is roller skates, a tea service, or croquet set.

Makeup & Grooming:



General: The camera sees every detail. Makeup should be applied sparingly and blended well to look natural. Unless we're shooting a makeup ad, the look should be about you not the makeup. Stay away from sparkles, they just like like white dots in photos.

Skin: Use only as much foundation as you need. The same thing goes for concealer.

Lips: pinks are better than red.  Lip liner should blend naturally.

Eyes: You can be a little more dramatic with eyeliner, shadow, and mascara.

Nails: fingernails and toenails trim and smooth. Nail polish color should be light and not bright. Pale pink, beige, French, buff, etc. are all great.

Hair: Please don't try anything drastic with your hair. You need to show up looking the way you looked in the portfolio images you used to book this shoot.

Recommended/Not Recommended Makeup:

Mascara Yes!
Lipstick/gloss Yes
Eye Shadow Yes
Eye liner Yes
Nail polish Yes
Waxing/shaving Yes
Concealer Optional
False Eyelashes Optional
Lip Liner Optional
Hair Color See above
Colored Contacts No
Foundation No